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What kind of Leadership Training does LD&T Corp provide?
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Welcome to Carson Leadership Development & Training Corporation

“Empowering Organizations by Training One Leader at a Time!”

Hi, my name is Dr. Dana Carson, and I want to personally thank you for visiting the Carson Leadership Development & Training site – your one-stop shop to holistic leadership development and coaching. We are committed to assisting you in becoming the very best leader you can become, providing you with the best practices in leadership through seminars, webinars, boot camps, including online and on-campus leadership courses. The Carson Leadership Development & Training Corporation is committed to empowering leaders to realize their organizational and vocational dreams!

I often say absolutely nothing gets done without leadership, and nothing stays done without management! The science of leadership and management are the two sides of a valued coin that create highly productive organizations. One of the age-old questions in successful organizations, as they ponder the issue of leadership is, “Are leaders born or are they made?” The Carson Leadership Development & Training Corporation is committed to making effective leaders through its state of the art leadership coaching seminars and workshops, as well expert coaching. The Carson Leadership Development and Training Corporation provides seminars in:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Organizational
  • Team
  • Emotional and Financial Intelligence

Online and on campus seminars are cutting edge, interactive, accessible and highly affordable!

Our Leadership & Management Seminars will assist you in becoming an effective manager by developing the fundamental skills that are needed to become a successful manager over both people and projects. They will improve your leadership skills concretely, providing you a way to chart your personal leadership growth through the measure of a more successful business organization. You will learn how to transform your organization into a highly effective team based upon 30-plus years of global leadership with for-profit and non-profit leaders. We are here exclusively for the building, equipping, and coaching of emerging, existing, and evolving leaders who desire to improve their leadership performance with cutting edge leadership skillsets.

Once again thank you for visiting our site, and I do hope that you identify the training and coaching support that matches your need!

What Kind of Leadership Training does LD&T Corp provide?

The Six Pillars of Leadership

This seminar is offered in a one or two-day format and will provide the leader with a sound foundation for leadership success.
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Leadership Certification Program

The Leadership Development Certification Program is designed to provide a comprehensive series of leadership trainings that examine the best practices in leadership…
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Leadership DiSC Seminars

Carson Leadership Development and Training Corporation has been an authorized trainer and distributor of DiSC products for over 25 years.
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Leadership Webinars

Leadership webinars are professional leadership development online seminars that are designed to sharpen your leadership skills through a monthly one-hour training.
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Leadership Courses

A set of 4 leadership courses are offered based upon on the leadership book and construct, ”Incarnational Leadership: Leading from Their Shoes” developed by Dr. Dana Carson.
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Leadership Consulting & Coaching

Leadership consulting is a very specialized, customized, and individualized leadership impartation that involves one-on-one leadership consulting.
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Leadership Bootcamps

These Leadership Boot Camps are designed to give the leader time to focus on their leadership and how to improve it. Leadership boot camps are highly specialized trainings that thoroughly focus on particular leadership topics and skillsets.