Leadership Courses

A set of 4 leadership courses are offered based upon on the leadership book and construct, “Incarnational Leadership: Leading from Their Shoes” developed by Dr. Dana Carson”

Incarnational Leadership

This course is based upon the book Incarnational Leadership, a contemporary model of leadership that will assist the leader in becoming more effective by teaching the leader to lead through the perspective of the follower. This course will provide the leader with strategic approaches to leadership, giving them the fundamentals of leading an organization in a more efficient manner that produces top leadership results. This leadership model was developed and designed by Dr. Dana Carson and has yielded powerful results worldwide. It will teach you how to lead your teams and leaders with focus and vision.

21st Century Examination of Leadership

This course is designed to provide the leader with knowledge concerning the best practices of leadership in the 21st century. Technology and organizational development have created a new pool of special talent that must be led in different ways than the conventional ways of the past in order to be effective in this new leadership and business climate. This course will examine the demands of 21st century organizations and ways you can more effectively lead a 21st century organization. This course will ensure that your leadership practices, which may have been effective in the past, do not become obsolete. It will offer you updates to your leadership skills that will allow you to be the leader of a productive organization.

Becoming an Incarnational Leader

This course builds upon the introductory course, “Incarnational Leadership,” and provides practical skills to the 21st century leader, who desires to become more effective in their follower-leader relationship. This course will help you implement incarnational leadership in your organization in practical and efficient ways.

The Incarnational Leadership Toolbox

This course is designed to impart a set of 10 skillsets that every incarnational leader must have in order to effectively lead. This course is a hands-on course that will prove to be most profitable in the leader-follower relationship. This course will take the confusion of leadership away and provide some concrete paths to executing your leadership vision and advancing your business or organization.