Six Pillars of Leadership

Changing Organizational Effectiveness from the Top

After mastering the basic principles of leadership through engaging them in their  oversight of others, it is time for leaders to aim for a deeper level of leadership potency. The modules in this program are designed to provide leaders with development opportunities that will result in greater introspection, skills evaluation and identification of areas that need refinement as they strive to lead their organizations to even greater levels of effectiveness.

Course Time:

  • Duration: 6 modules, 4 weeks per module
  • Format: Online

Module 1: Leading with Purpose & Character

This module helps the learner understand what it means to lead with purpose, how the most effective leaders employ this approach and succeed in channeling their enthusiasm into intense energy and drive, the must-have characteristics leaders must possess and constantly refine in order to succeed, and real-world case studies of what success looks like when purpose and character intersect in the leadership of an organization.

Module 2: Leading with Vision

This module empowers learners with what it means to lead with strategic vision, including why leading with vision is necessary to help an organization achieve its long-term goals, how to cast and clearly communicate a compelling vision, how to move organizational stakeholders to buy into and actively support the realization of the vision, and what leading with vision practically looks like in faith, nonprofit and secular contexts.

Module 3: Leading Organizational Culture

This module helps learners understand culture as the collection of philosophies, values, expectations and practices that shape and influence the context in which they lead, how organizational culture can help or hinder their leadership effectiveness, how to define the ideal culture based on the organization’’s mission and vision, and how to lead the reshaping of their organization’s environment into one that produces their desired outcomes.

Module 4: Leading through Delegation

This module emphasizes the necessary mentality to make the shift from doing to leading, the importance of allocating the right work to the right people in order to get the right things done, how to inspire timid, tentative individuals to embrace leadership opportunities, and methods leader should use to empower others to exercise autonomy in their positions.

Module 5: Leading with Integrity

This module is designed to help learners become trusted leaders in their organizations through developing a reputation for ethics and morality, reliability, openness and transparency, and straightforward honesty.

Module 6: Leading with Resilience

This module instructs learners about how to become exemplars of resilience in their organizations, modeling how to recover quickly from failures, setbacks and disruptions, how to convert challenges into opportunities, solution-oriented thinking and creative problem solving methods, and how to remain calm under pressure while operating with and internal locus of control. solution-oriented thinking.