Leadership Boot Camps

Learning to Lead

The Leadership Apprentice Bootcamp was designed to train men and women to become the very best leaders they can be, by providing the best practices in leadership. This 8-week bootcamp will provide for you a variety of leadership courses to prepare you with the most effective skills and techniques to be a successful leader.

Leadership: Theory & Practice

This leadership boot camp focuses upon the history of leadership, its theories, founders, and practices. This boot camp provides the learner with an in-depth understanding of how leadership practices have evolved and how to identify leadership practices that match your particular leadership style.

Leading Your Leaders

This leadership boot camp focuses on one of the greatest challenges that many leaders face today – raising up new and emerging leaders to assist in the growth and succession of their organization. “Leading Your Leaders” is designed to provide you with a special set of skills that will position your organization for growth and expansion. Learning how to lead leaders through vision, power, influence, persuasion, and modeling is a science that every effective leader must embrace and implement. In order to be a leader of perpetual or lasting organizations that are growing towards the future and not staying in the past, you must take your leadership to another level.

Leading Your Organization

The “Leading Your Organization” boot camp is designed to assist the leader in gaining a better and more comprehensive understanding of how organizations work and how to lead them. Organizations can take on different forms of structure and existence. While they are different, they still need some common and some specific leadership practices that will lead the organization to success. Oftentimes, leaders attempt to lead without understanding how organizations are designed and structured, which leads to both leadership and organizational failure. This boot camp will take an in-depth look at the different types of organizations and leadership approaches that are appropriate for each organization.

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

The Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Boot Camp is designed to assist the leader in being able to employ the best practices in the psycho-social dimensions of leadership. This boot camp will help you gain a more in-depth understanding of who you are as a leader and how to manage thoughts and feelings in leadership. This boot camp will assist leaders in understanding the motivation theories of leadership and the temperament profiles of both themselves and those who they lead in order to use the power of intelligent influence and not manipulation.