Maximizing Your Leadership Program

Understanding the Self and Others to Know What Works and What Does Not

These DiSC-based leadership training modules are offered as 1-day seminars and are designed to help the leader understand and maximize the leadership potential that lies within them.

Module 1: The YOU Seminar

The YOU Seminar begins with a short, insightful online assessment based on the DiSC Dimensions of Behavior Model taken 1-2 weeks before the seminar. The DiSC assessment, which has proven its effectiveness over 30 years of use by more than 40 million people in 84 countries, groups behavioral responses into four main personality profiles. Upon arrival at the seminar, each individual will receive a bound workbook, containing their DiSC assessment results, that is all about them – their personality, behavior patterns, motivations, interpersonal skills, tendencies, thought patterns, and much more – with uncanny accuracy!  

As the seminar facilitator leads learners through interpreting their DiSC results, provides insights into the four  temperament types and engages the audience through videos, case studies, and group interaction, all will learn the interpersonal skills necessary to get along with, work productively with, and lead anyone in their organization, regardless of who and “how” they are.

Module 2: YOUr Leadership

YOUr Leadership begins with a short, insightful online DiSC assessment, taken 1-2 weeks prior to the seminar, that is used to determine the learner’s unique leadership style. At the seminar, the facilitator will utilize videos, case studies, interactive activities and practical examples to help individuals intimately understand themselves as leaders as well as the others with whom they interact in their leadership roles. YOUr Leadership helps to pave an actionable path to better leadership through self-awareness, self-reflection and skills for adaptation.

Module 3: YOU Team Dimensions

YOU Team Dimensions is a seminar designed to help learners achieve one goal: understand how to build a cohesive team that functions at the highest level of effectiveness. After completing a short, insightful online DiSC assessment 1-2 weeks prior to the seminar, individuals will receive a profile describing the roles they tend to naturally play when they are a part of a team, when and with whom their clashes tend to occur in teams, how to be a more productive contributor regardless of the makeup of the team, and how to navigate the various dynamics of team as both a member and a leader. YOU Team Dimensions helps to improve both individual and interpersonal dynamics so that teams are able to work better together for goal achievement and vision attainment in ministry and the workplace.

Module 4: YOU & Productive Conflict

YOU & Productive Conflict begins with a short, insightful online DiSC assessment taken 1-2 weeks prior to the seminar, which is used to develop a profile of how the learner tends to function when engaged in conflict. In addition to increasing self-awareness of each individual’s natural tendencies in the midst of conflict, attendees will learn how to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions in more productive ways, de-escalate situations when disputes and disagreements occur, operate with greater empathy, and increase collaboration and productivity when working with others. YOU & Productive Conflict provides the conflict prevention skills and conflict resolution tools needed to push harmony and productivity to new levels in the home, ministry and workplace.

Module 5: YOU Leadership 363

YOU Leadership 363 begins with a short, insightful online DiSC assessment taken 1-2 weeks prior to the seminar, which is used to develop a comprehensive evaluation of the learner as a leader that is based on their own perspectives of themselves and the feedback of others. In addition to providing participants with insights gathered from those whom they work with, an assessment of potential hindrances to their leadership performance, and strengths and weaknesses that they naturally operate in based on their personality, this seminar provides them with personalized strategies for improving their leadership effectiveness. YOU Leadership offers an opportunity to understand one’s personal performance based on their temperament and the diverse perspectives of others to increase their effectiveness in ministry and the workplace.