The Leadership Development Certification Program is designed to provide a comprehensive series of leadership trainings that examine the best practices in leadership in multiple areas through specialized modules of leadership learning. When the learner has completed the Leadership Development Certification Program, he or she will have a productive grasp of the multi-dimensional focuses of leadership. The learner will be equipped to assess their own leadership deficiencies and then utilize the tools to transform them. After the completion of the Leadership Development Certification Program, the learner will receive a Certificate in Leadership Development, attesting to the successful completion of the entire leadership development trainings. The Leadership Development Certification Program will equip the 21st century leader for effective leadership in both for-profit and non-profit leadership organization. Thus, these training modules can also be used as continuing education courses for the workplace.

The “Leadership Development Certification Program” requires the completion of:

Five Leadership Bootcamps

Learn how to become a model of success and a exceptional leader. 

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Three DiSC Leadership Seminars

Learn how you communicate and what motivates and drives you to be successful.

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Two Leadership Courses

Learn how to deliver extraordinary results as a leader.

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Six Pillars of Leadership

Learn how to achieve the success you deserve for yourself, those you lead, and your business.

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