The Carson Leadership Development & Training Corporation

"Empowering Organizations One Leader at a Time"

The Carson Leadership Development & Training Corporation is dedicated to assisting leaders and organizations in maximizing their leadership and organizational potential.

The foundation for any successful organization is its leadership. Leadership has been defined as the ability to influence others to do what they would not otherwise do, with a good attitude. Good leaders are able to accomplish great things through others; they have the ability, through a special set of skillsets, to get things done that cause organizational success.

We exist in a new context for business and organizational execution that calls for a fresh approach to leadership. Research tells us that the Millennial generation is the largest generation (age range) that has every existed in U.S. history; however, they have a set of generational practices that differ from previous generations. Research states the following concerning the Millennial generation: Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025. A study found that just 20% of organizations identified the Millennial leader segment as critical for development over the next 24 months. Millennial leaders crave advice, particularly from senior leadership, yet on average, just 7% of organizations invested in offering Millennials coaching, mentoring, and dedicated time with their chief executive and other senior leaders. The Carson Leadership Development & Training Corporation will equip both corporations/businesses and individuals to meet changing leadership demands and needs through best practice leadership trainings.

The Carson Leadership Development & Training Corporation has been training leaders for over 25 years all over the world through leadership conferences, workshops, seminars, and classes. The Carson Leadership Development & Training Corporation operates out of a state-of-the-art Leadership Development & Training Headquarters, located in Houston, Texas where leaders are trained weekly on location. Carson Leadership Development & Training Corporation also offers trainings in select cities in ½ day, 1 day, and 2 day formats. We are committed to high quality leadership training that is interactive and composed of the best practices in a multiplicity of leadership focuses. Dr. Carson is a leadership scholar and practitioner, who has a heart for leaders and their development. Thus, he designed specialized trainings that will empower leaders to take their leadership to the next level.

Have you ever wondered why some leaders are accomplishing what you desire to accomplish but it seems so difficult and next to impossible for you? What kind of leader do you desire to become – do you know? Do you want to become the kind of leader who is effective in leading people and projects? What research reveals is that there is a combination of attitudes and actions that yield effective results with both people and projects. Through leadership research and development, the Carson Leadership Development & Training Corporation has designed multiple programs and formats of leadership development and training that fits diverse leadership needs. Leaders all over the world have been trained through the effective leadership training modules designed by Carson Leadership Development & Training Corporation in both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Now these leaders are successfully leading in their organizations.

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Dr. Carson has trained both non-profit and for-profit business leaders throughout the world. Past clients include leaders and managers in secular businesses such as Goodman Corporation, Hewlett Packard; in addition to international governmental and business leaders throughout Africa and Asia. Dr. Carson has also taught leadership development on the doctoral level. Undoubtedly, Dr. Carson will provide you with leadership skills that represent the best of two worlds – academia and 30+ years of global leadership experience.

You can transform your organization through the leadership skills you will learn in one of our training modules. By investing one day of your time, you will change the rest of your life of leadership. You’ll experience an excitement and energy that will provide an atmosphere to ask the right questions so that you can finally get the right answers and be both more effective and efficient in your leadership assignment.