Turnkey Business Plans

Develop a Business Plan That Works

Have you ever wondered why some entrepreneurs make it and others don’t? The key is the business plan. Research reveals that businesses with business plans
have a higher probability of success than those that don’t. Research also reveals that those with business plans have an increased possibility of making
it pass the critical five-year benchmark than those that don’t.

Do you want to start a business and need to raise capital? Or do you desire to start your business and don’t know where to begin? Then, the Turnkey Business Plan Seminar is for you! Come learn not simply how to do a business plan but to actually leave with one that works!

This one-day seminar will teach you the key components of a successful business plan that will help you launch your business and start making money! Step-by-step, you will be instructed on putting together a business plan that will bring your business idea into conception. Finally, move your business from your computer and notepad to reality through developing a turnkey business plan – a business plan that is ready to implement when you walk out the door. This interactive, innovative, cutting edge technological seminar is designed to coach you through developing your own customized business plan with your own business plan coach and his team of experts. You will learn how to prepare the major components of a successful business plan, and then do it on the spot with expert coaching.

Through the Turnkey Business Plan Seminar, Dr. Dana Carson, who is a serial entrepreneur, shares his nearly 30 years of international business experience and the fruit of his MBA training from the world class Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. Dr. Carson is the founder of Kingdom Young Entrepreneurs, an organization that is designed to raise up the next generation of Kingdom-preneurs!

In this boot camp, you will learn:

  • The three key ingredients to generate start-up money for your business!

  • How to negotiate with venture capitalists who desire to invest in your business plan!

  • The secrets to selling your business plan to others!
  • How to defend your business plan by understanding your value proposition!

  • The best practices with start-up businesses and why some make it and some don’t and how to ensure yours DOES!

The “Turnkey Business Plan” seminar will revolutionize how you lead your church and catapult you to the growth and ministry satisfaction that you desire.

How to Increase Your Churches’ Giving


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The How To Increase Your Church’s Giving Seminar is designed to equip you to face the financial challenges your ministry faces. Move your church towards greater levels of success that can be measured in disciples and dollars in this dynamic and impactful workshop seminar!

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