These webinars will provide the leader with some best practices in the concentration of study of the webinar while also allowing the leader to ask questions and get answers.

Leadership Training Webinars – Executive Coaching Series are designed to provide executive level leadership coaching for leaders who are interested in specific areas of leadership studies and practices. Each webinar is conducted by Leadership Expert, Dr. Dana Carson, who holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Regent University and a Global Executive MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. These webinars will provide the leader with some best practices in the concentration of study of the webinar while also allowing the leader to ask questions and get answers. There are 10 webinars planned for 2017, and they will be posted on the calendar of events of the School of Leadership. These webinars will supplement all other areas of leadership offerings by the Carson Leadership Development & Training Corporation.

Here is a listing of the webinars that will be offered in 2017 that are designed to complement your leadership training and development as you seek to improve your leadership effectiveness.

  • Vision & Values: The Power to Move Mountains – This webinar will discuss the mechanics of vision formulation and how to cast an impactful vision in your organization.
  • Leadership & Organizational Culture: The Power to Create a Context for High Achievement – This webinar focuses on creating the organizational culture and context that allows you to lead with the courage and confidence with which others are following your leadership and to execute the focuses that cause organizational success.
  • Leadership & Management : The Power to Motivate and Move People – This webinar focuses on understanding the differences between being a leading manager and being a managing leader. The webinar will provide you with both leadership and management best practices to assist you in moving and motivating the people you lead.
  • Women In Leadership: Making Gender Count While Maximizing Leadership Performance – This seminar focuses on women in leadership, the various challenges and obstacles they face, and how to overcome them through best practices in leadership. While this webinar focuses upon women and leadership, every man, who works with women in leadership, will learn how to be more supportive toward your leadership teammates.
  • Authentic Leadership: Leading Out of YOU and Maximizing your Leadership Performance – This webinar focuses on an essential area of leadership, authenticity, which is critical to establishing the domain of Personal Leadership. This webinar will help leaders discover themselves, embrace themselves, modify themselves, and communicate themselves to those who follow them for maximum success in leadership.
  • Maximizing the Leader: Follower Relationship for Increased Productivity and Deeper Commitment – This webinar focuses on how to best establish leader-follower relationships and how to maximize leader-follower exchanges that will impact the organization’s success and the followers’ sense of value. The webinar will help you create a win/win for the organization and the follower.
  • Culture and Leadership: Leading a Multi-Generational & Multi-Cultural Organization – This webinar focuses on the power of culture, and how to create the culture that is necessary for you to become a winning leader. This webinar will focus upon the differences between multi-generational cultures and multi-ethnic cultures in organizations and teach you how an understanding of both can improve your leadership effectiveness.
  • Ethical Leadership: What Everyone Thinks but Nobody Discusses – This webinar focuses on leading with ethics and parameters. What you don’t talk about can harm you, your family, and your organization. This seminar is designed to teach you how to lead with parameters that will protect you and your organization.
  • The Heart of a Leader: Developing Healthy Leader Emotions and Courage – This webinar focuses on building self-confidence as a leader that allows you to think big, say big, and do big! Followers are only allowed to go as far as the leader will take them. This webinar coaches you on how to take on big things and lead your followers over and through obstacles to big successes!
  • Motivational Leadership: Inspiring Others to High Achievement –  This webinar focuses on pulling the best out of those you lead. As a leader, you can only go as far as those, who follow you, are willing to go. Every leader must understand how to achieve high aspirations from those who follow. This webinar will coach the leader in the best practices of coaching their followers to success; after all, when your team wins, you win, and if they lose, you lose!

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