Leadership coaching is highly specialized, customized, and individualized leadership impartation. Leadership consulting assists businesses and organizations in strategically executing their corporation or business vision. Leadership consulting / coaching is executed by the following steps:

The Interview Stage – Discover what the potential client is looking for and assess the level of consulting or coaching that is necessary to execute the desired outcome.

The Proposal Stage – Provide the potential client with the cost of the services that are needed and will be provided by the Carson Consulting Group. This proposal will separate out coaching vs. consulting costs. Coaching is one-on-one leadership guidance that is designed to assist the leader in assessing and establishing a leadership approach that matches his/her style of leadership. Coaching provides the client with personal coaching profiles that include an emotional intelligence profile, a personality profile, a leadership profile, and a 363 leadership profile. 

The Proposal Review Stage – When the client chooses which services fit his or her and/or the organization’s desires and budget allowance. This stage is the negotiation stage that identifies which services are immediate needs and which aspects can be built upon in phases.

The Contract Stage – Where the services offered have been agreed upon, the down payment made, and the contract signed. The contract stage details the services, costs, and the delivery timelines of the services to be rendered.

The Service Delivery Stage – The actual consulting or coaching delivery process including the actual execution of the delivery dates and timelines. This stage is designed to ensure that the client has received quality consulting or coaching services implemented in an effective manner.

The Completion Stage – The final stage in which the Carson Consulting Group ensures that all services have been delivered in a satisfactory manner and that the client is satisfied with the services offered. Then, a performance receipt is given. If a new phase or stage of consulting or coaching is desired, the process begins again with new terms and a new contract.

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