This leadership boot camp focuses upon the history of leadership, its theories, founders, and practices. This boot camp provides the learner with an in-depth understanding of how leadership practices have evolved and how to identify leadership practices that match your particular leadership style.

In this boot camp, you will learn:

  • The best practices in church growth

  • Gain a thorough knowledge of what leadership is and how it works

  • How to better define and design your leadership strategy
  • How to improve on your leadership weaknesses while increasing your strengths

  • How to transform your organization through a sound understanding of how organizations work

  • How to effectively lead your organization

  • o How to grow from the leadership knowledge of others without feeling inauthentic
  • How to develop a leadership think tank that provides you with strategies to overcome organizational challenges
  • How to develop a network with other leaders to engage in an iron-sharpening-iron relationship
  • And much, much, more!

Dates: TBD

Time: TBD

Length of Seminar: 

Location: DCKM Leadership Development & Training Corporation | 7401 Gulf Freeway | Houston, TX 77017

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