Dr. Charles Moody

Dr. Charles Moody

Unique, out of the box, and Kingdom risk-taker are some of the adjectives that describe Dr. Charles A. Moody, Jr., one of America’s most engaging preachers of this century. He possesses an ability to bring the Word of God to life with a simplicity that allows it not only to cross, but also to eliminate racial, class and economic boundaries.

With a compelling determination to expand the Kingdom of God by any means necessary, he engages his listeners and takes them on an incredible journey, through the use of creative illustrations and props. His audiences often find themselves listening with rapt attention as they experience his exceptional style of preaching and teaching. His uniqueness is further exemplified by his ability to teach the uncompromised Gospel, while incorporating the psychological and sociological concerns of today; thus bridging the Gospel with modern-day issues. His training in psychology also provides him with a strong understanding of the complexities, intricacies and needs of the human psyche; so that he can provide listeners with time-tested Biblical remedies.

Academically, Dr. Moody is well versed. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin, he completed a Master of Arts in Developmental Education from Texas State University. He completed his Doctorate of Strategic Leadership from Regent University in 2012. Dr. Moody’s work in ministry has been all-inclusive; from counseling and administration, curricula and training course design, to teaching pedagogy classes at seminars throughout the country. Moreover, he excels in the area of relationship seminars, both for married couples as well as singles.

Dr. Moody has also served the community in the academic sector as an adjunct professor at Austin Community College, and in the non-profit sector as director of Americorp Austin. Additionally, Dr. Moody has for several years served as lead chaplain for the Austin Police Department in East Austin.

After serving as an Elder and the Leadership Development Director under the tutelage of Dr. Dana Carson, Dr. Moody assumed Pastoral responsibility of the outstanding and distinctive ministry that is The R.O.C.K. Round Rock. Under his leadership, The R.O.C.K. Round Rock is a growing ministry that has touched the lives of many!

Dr. Moody’s gifts extend beyond the academic to the fine arts. He has written several original songs that have become worship favorites within the congregation, and is the lead playwright for the popular play series entitled Fighting Our Roaming Enemy (F.O.R.E Play), that has been staged in the Austin, Round Rock and Houston areas.

Dr. Moody is the proud husband of Mrs. Felicia Moody and the devoted father of Charlae Alexia, Charles Allen III, Chase Anthony, and Chanceller Alexander.

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